Safaa Nasrallah

About me

Safaa, our Investment Analyst at Stoic VC, began her journey in molecular bioscience research at the University of Technology Sydney and University of New South Whales. Since then she’s had the opportunity to work in early-stage health tech across the UK and Norway. Here, she honed her skills at NLC, a European health tech venture builder, working with medical devices and digital health startups to drive their path to commercialization.

Safaa holds a Bachelor of Medical Science (Biological Sciences) and Honours in Physiology from the University of Sydney.

Area of focus

Broader Healthcare

Get to know Safaa

What advice do you live by?
be kind, you never know what someone is going through

I am fascinated by…
other cultures

What I enjoy about being a VC?
So many ambitious founders, that with the right support, can transform patient life.

Favourite spot in Sydney?

anywhere my family is

A great founder…
realises that the only constant is change

What makes me excited about tomorrow?
the chance to make a positive impact on the world