Harikesh Pushpapathan

About me

Harikesh is our Partner at Stoic VC and sits across the entire lifecycle, from initial conversations to completion. He comes from a diverse background, including co-founding a telehealth startup in 2020, working with venture capital firms such as Pitch and Investible, and helping WeMoney secure their Series A funding while on their corporate development team. Harikesh also serves on the Investment Committee of global accelerator and venture capital fund Antler.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Harikesh is an active angel investor and mentor for several of Australia’s top accelerators, including Startmate, Sydney University’s commercialization hub SKH, Sydney University’s Accelerator Incubate, and deep tech incubator Cicada Innovations. During his free time, he moonlights as an artist on Spotify and organizes events for his deep tech community, DnM’s.

Harikesh holds a Bachelor in Neuroscience & Finance from the University of Sydney.

Area of focus

Medical Devices, Neurotech, Biotech


Lenexa Medical, Bioscout

Get to know Harikesh

What advice do you live by?
Life is long, if you know how to use it.

I am fascinated by…
the coupling of technology to human brains.

What I enjoy about being a VC?
Working with the purpose driven, obsessed about the future.

Favourite spot in Sydney?
Coogee Beach on a Sunday.

A great founder…
surrounds themself with great people.

What makes me excited about tomorrow?
Learning something I didn’t today.