Fiona Zhuang

About Me

Fiona is a Partner at Stoic VC and responsible for the fund’s agnostic investments. Fiona has over 18 years’ experience in financial services & private equity. Prior to Stoic, Fiona worked in the Transaction Services team at PwC, developing financial models for investment banking clients. She brings a meticulousness and commercial rigour to the companies she works with.

Fiona holds a Master of Commerce (Hons) from University of Sydney and a Master of Actuarial Studies from UNSW.

Get to Know Fiona

What advice do you live by?

I believe that we always have to find the best version of ourselves. There is always one level up in our life, so don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great, and even if you can achieve greatness, there’s always a next level you can reach. The day you can hear your heart’s call in a satisfactory tone is the day you have done your greatest work.

I am fascinated by…
human creativity. Creativity is the ultimate driving force of any meaningful leaps in human civilization and in every discipline of knowledge. Creativity is an ability that is fundamentally different to intelligence because ideas don’t always get deduced by applying reasoning techniques based on current knowledge.

What I enjoy about being a VC?
I am always energised by having a front row seat to witness how “creativity” transforms to “innovation”. It is a privilege – and very satisfying – to be part of a team  that can experience how some of the greatest innovations make their way into the market.

Favourite spot in Sydney?
Watsons Bay and the Hornby Lighthouse are beautiful places. I love hiking and travel photography, so sitting and watching the waves roll in to the back of the lighthouse is absolutely mesmerising – and particularly dramatic if it’s a choppy day at sea.

A great founder…
makes things happen.

What makes me excited about tomorrow?

The reality is that what we do is a people business. We never forget that it’s the founders and entrepreneurs who are letting us invest, and not the other way around. I am always excited to see any great innovation get traction, to work with fascinating teams, and to witness a speed of execution that leads to a big market success with returns for the investors and founders as they realise their achievement of dreams and life goals.