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Dr Geoff Waring

Healthcare makes up about half of our portfolio


Podcast interview on collaborative approach to venture capital

Here is an interview I did on Stockhead discussing our collaborative approach to venture capital investing with Uniseed VC Land Podcast: The collaborative approach to investing – Dr Geoff Waring from Stoic Venture Capital

Stoic Venture Capital invests in nanotech Ferronova

August 2020: Stoic Venture Capital has taken part in a $3.5m Series A funding round for Australian biotechnology company Ferronova Pty Ltd.   The funding round was led by Uniseed, where Stoic Venture Capital is the co-investment fund. Uniseed is a commercialisation fund which focuses on financing early-stage companies that emerge from member universities.   […]

Stoic Venture Capital and Uniseed invest in Forcite’s world-leading smart helmet

Stoic Venture Capital and top university investment fund Uniseed have jointly invested in Australian start-up Forcite which is taking the world of motorcycling by storm with the first and only truly smart helmet. Forcite’s smart helmet is now being mass-produced, having been the only smart helmet to pass ECE 22.05 safety accreditation pre-testing. The amazing […]

Why our investment in PERKii® Probiotics is helping us stay healthy in unprecedented times

PERKii® Probiotics’ new Apple and Ginger flavour is the latest probiotic drink out of the PERKii® lab, made with over 1 billion probiotics. Now available, along with Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Passionfruit, Forest Berry, and Tropical Splash flavours in supermarkets nationwide, PERKii® is made with one of the world’s most researched probiotic strains, Lactobacillus Casei.   […]