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Thrills without the spills: Forcite’s world’s first certified smart motorcycle helmet

It’s the Porsche of motorcycle helmets. Australian startup Forcite is transforming motorcycle safety with its revolutionary AI-powered smart helmet. The company is expanding into lucrative overseas markets and executing a full scale retail launch after selling out in a pre-order stage. Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Alfred Boyadgis shares insights into Forcite’s success and the road ahead. Be inspired by […]

Australian startup Jayride heads for the skies

Australian startup Jayride is a global platform for comparing and booking airport transfers. It has a presence in more countries around the world than many top ASX performers and is thriving in a market worth billions. What’s Jayride’s next destination? Jayride CEO Rod Bishop shares his vision for the future and how the company has achieved success so far. […]

Liquid metal helps convert CO2 into battery, manufacturing resources

US and Australia-based researchers have discovered a cheap new way to capture and convert CO2 emissions using liquid gallium. The process can be done at room temperature and uses the metal to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen and a high-value solid carbon product that can later be used in batteries, for construction, or in aircraft manufacturing. […]


while it seems a bit morbid to state so, the global pandemic that arrived in 2020 (and is still continuing to this day) has irrevocably changed the powersports industry. For the first time in many years, sales of new motorcycles are up, the gear shops are having trouble keeping jackets, helmets, and gloves in stock, and […]

Liquid metal proven to be cheap and efficient CO2 converter

A global collaboration, led by researchers from UNSW, has shown how liquid gallium can be used to help achieve the important goal of net zero carbon emissions. Nanoparticles of liquid gallium have been shown to help break down carbon dioxide by way of triboelectrochemical reactions. Image: Shutterstock Engineers from UNSW have helped to discover a […]

Nasal spray to treat Covid-19 enters phase 2 trials

One of our Stoic VC investee companies, ENA Respiratory, that offers huge potential in how we might deal with the pandemic globally. A nasal spray offering users protection from Covid-19 could soon be employed as another line of defence against the virus, as encouraging results from a preliminary trial of the solution trigger a second […]

First-in-Class, Broad-Spectrum Nasal Spray to Prevent COVID-19 and Other Common Respiratory Illnesses Set to Begin Phase 2 Trials

— ENA Respiratory engages PPD, Inc. for Phase 2 COVID-19 post-exposure prophylaxis study and hVIVO for influenza challenge study to assess the efficacy of fast-acting nasal spray designed to boost innate immunity SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ENA Respiratory, a biotechnology company developing a first-in-class nasal spray for the prevention of COVID-19 and […]

Certa Therapeutics announces new clinical trial of investigative candidate

One of our Stoic VC life-science investee companies Certa Theraputics is advancing to Phase 2 trial in treating Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma, a debilitating chronic autoimmune disease. Certa Therapeutics has announced the launch of a Phase 2 trial in Australia for a potential new treatment for Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma. The debilitating chronic autoimmune disease affects around […]

Survive the journey: PERKii sees steady sales of probiotic drinks made with exclusive encapsulation technology

Australian probiotic brand PERKII has seen steady sales of its probiotic beverages amid the pandemic, boosting the firm’s confidence in its overseas expansion plans. HTTPS://WWW.BEVERAGEDAILY.COM/ARTICLE/2021/09/01/SURVIVE-THE-JOURNEY-PERKII-SEES-STEADY-SALES-OF-PROBIOTIC-DRINKS-MADE-WITH-EXCLUSIVE-ENCAPSULATION-TECHNOLOGY 

Is it time for Australia to rethink skilled migration?

When borders reopen, Australia has a chance to reshape its migrant policy, with an opportunity to target younger, more skilled workers, a think tank has revealed. Australia is not attracting the right migrants, instead it should focus on simplifying the process, taking in younger skilled workers, and paying them more money.  According to the Grattan Institute, […]

ESG needs better disclosure standards

Fund managers should be subject to more rigorous standards to ensure their disclosures about environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing are accurate, according to Stoic Venture Capital. Dr Geoff Waring, Stoic Venture Capital partner, said Australia should take the lead of the United States, European Union and United Kingdom by ramping up its scrutiny of […]

Stoic Venture Capital commits further to healthcare following Cardihab success

Stoic Venture Capital has committed to further bulking up its healthcare investments as the prevalence of chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease continues to rise.Stoic Venture Capital Managing Partner Geoff Waring said Stoic was committed to increasing its healthcare and life science holdings while most other venture capital firms focused predominantly on software.Stoic Venture Capital […]

Demand for diversity and ESG driving investors towards venture capital

More investors are prioritising investments that generate positive social outcomes and avoiding or divesting assets that harm the environment or community such as fossil fuels and gambling.Stoic Venture Capital Partner Geoff Waring said more investors were turning to socially responsible investing strategies that allocate more towards companies in sectors such as healthcare and technology addressing […]

ESG demand driving investors towards venture capital

More investors are turning to responsible investing strategies that allocate towards fledging companies in healthcare and technology, according to a venture capital firm. Stoic Venture Capital partner Geoff Waring commented he has seen more investors have been drawn towards investing in nimble and fast-growing start-ups that target environmental and social concerns, particularly climate change.The demand […]