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Week 2 – Building a startup culture to last

The new Australian Government has been hit by a wall of economic issues, centred on surging cost of living, before all the ballots were counted. Although it is important that it navigates those, preferably without adding to the post-pandemic government debt burden, we should be helping them consider what needs to be in place to […]

Week 1 – Survival Mode

 Small businesses have taken the brunt of the pandemic – retail and hospitality especially. But in adversity has thrived a cohort of plucky entrepreneurs who have either pivoted with innovative ideas (zoom wine tasting or pottery classes anyone?) or whose ideas found their moment (Mr Yum’s restaurant ordering QR codes) in pandemic lockdowns.   However, […]

Venture wins under Labor Government

Stoic VC are looking forward to reforms promised by the incoming Labor Government.The Labor party’s trade union rather than pro-business background has meant they have not traditionally been thought of as a positive for the venture capital sector. However Labor have promised reforms that should benefit venture capital firms and the start-ups they invest in.The Labor Party […]

Sydney motorcycle technology business Forcite raises $5.5 million

Sydney-based motorcycle technology startup Forcite has announced today it has raised $5.5 million, with plans to use the capital injection to grow its global footprint. The majority of funds came from a $4.2 million Series A led by Uniseed, but were also complemented by a crowdfunding campaign which has raised $920,000 through Equitise. The combined cash […]

3 ways universities can improve their chances of commercialising research

Universities should consider adapting their business model to improve their prospects of commercialising research, a university-focused venture fund says. Stoic Venture Capital Partner Geoff Waring said there are a few initiatives universities could undertake to further improve their chances of attracting investors to commercialise their research. Focus on the applied sciences and embody the science […]

PERKii’s gut instinct: Delivering REAL priobiotic goodness to your gut

PERKii is an Australian leader when it comes to health and wellbeing. Stemming from a University of Queensland discovery, PERKii utilises micro-shield technology for improved probiotic efficacy. Unlike many probiotic formulas, PERKii’s targeted release probiotics are protected and nourished to survive the journey through the stomach and into the gut. A constant innovator, CEO Anthony […]

PERKii ranked 18 in the Smart50 Awards 2021

The Awards Since its very beginning, back in 2007, the Smart50 Awards have recognised and celebrated the fastest growing SMEs in Australia and we’re excited to bring the awards back this year. Each year, the Smart50 finalists represent the very best of Australian business. They are the innovators and the job creators, the hard-working community […]

Digital health startup Cardihab is changing clinical care for people with cardiac disease

Australian digital health startup Cardihab is changing the lives of thousands of people with cardiac disease – the world’s biggest killer. Cardihab’s patient-centred virtual care platform provides a new solution to chronic disease management and is engaging more patients in life changing cardiac rehabilitation. Cardihab CEO Helen Souris tells us how clinicians are stepping up to patient demands for digital health.  Be inspired by some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Australia in this series presented by Stoic Venture Capital and Uniseed.  1. What […]

Grow Finance and GetFish top the 2021 AFR Fast Lists

The fastest growing companies in Australia in 2020-21 have been identified by The Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 and Fast Starters lists, presented by Pemba Capital Partners and KPMG. The top rank in the Fast 100 has been taken out by Grow Finance, a non-bank lender to small-to-medium enterprises which achieved revenue of $21.8 million in […]

Tracking animals from extinction

Australian startup Wildlife Drones is changing the world of animal conservation. Its innovative radio telemetry technology can track and monitor the movements of endangered animals and invasive species to achieve better wildlife conservation and management outcomes. Wildlife Drones CEO Debbie Saunders shares what she has learned about transforming an environmental research project into an award-winning company. Be inspired by […]

Forcite-sold out status within 35 minutes of opening sales at $1169 RRP

Fantastic effort by the team today at Pie in the sky we reached sold out status within 35 minutes of opening sales at $1169 RRP. That’s $84K revenue over what we had on hand, that’s $160K per hour this is staggering. That would be a world record for online helmet sales at this price point, and […]

Thrills without the spills: Forcite’s world’s first certified smart motorcycle helmet

It’s the Porsche of motorcycle helmets. Australian startup Forcite is transforming motorcycle safety with its revolutionary AI-powered smart helmet. The company is expanding into lucrative overseas markets and executing a full scale retail launch after selling out in a pre-order stage. Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Alfred Boyadgis shares insights into Forcite’s success and the road ahead. Be inspired by […]

Australian startup Jayride heads for the skies

Australian startup Jayride is a global platform for comparing and booking airport transfers. It has a presence in more countries around the world than many top ASX performers and is thriving in a market worth billions. What’s Jayride’s next destination? Jayride CEO Rod Bishop shares his vision for the future and how the company has achieved success so far. […]

Liquid metal helps convert CO2 into battery, manufacturing resources

US and Australia-based researchers have discovered a cheap new way to capture and convert CO2 emissions using liquid gallium. The process can be done at room temperature and uses the metal to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen and a high-value solid carbon product that can later be used in batteries, for construction, or in aircraft manufacturing. […]