Harikesh Pushpapathan
Dr Geoff Waring

Small teams tackling global problems

Could start-ups save the world? There has been some fascinating use of technology lately to solve big problems in business.   Australian tech start up Reask is using machine learning to model climate risk for insurance companies and helping them price it. It is an interesting and exciting use of big data in the finance […]

Domestic Institutions as Capital Allocators

To dovetail from our previous release, the tech sell off has many investors running scared. The sugar rush of investing in the fintech darlings of the last ten years is giving their backers a hangover, as the business models prove to be unsustainable over the long term (particularly as inflation returns) and/or regulators start to take an interest […]

Giant Warm Intro

The Giant Warm Intro is a week away and it’s a chance to showcase your ideas, get feedback and have meaningful conversations with Australia’s most active Investors!Harikesh from our team will be joining an awesome lineup of investors eager to meet some of the many founders building the frontier of innovation in this country Make sure to […]

Is a renewed focus on frontier technology the silver lining to the tech sell off?

Software, particularly the fintech sub category, has been the darling of the venture capital markets for some while. Unrealised returns have been good, funds have been easy to deploy in repeated large tranches, and there has been a good pipeline of capable founders flowing through to emerge as start ups.   However, the dramatic and […]

Week 3 – Role of Government in VC

It is an important time to think about the role that government can play in venture capital markets. We recently talked about how declining technology valuations from rising interest rates are pushing start-ups into survival mode and to hoard cash. In the face of tightening funding markets, it raises the question: should governments be stepping in to […]

Cardihab announce milestone partnership with Honeysuckle Health

The team at Cardihab are continuing to redefine #cardiovascular rehabilitation for the millions on the road to recovery, with an exciting new partnership with Honeysuckle Health.This partnership will open the door to a 12 month evidence-based program, launching this very week “As our journey ‘creating better pathways to better health’ continues, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Cardihab. Cardihab is a […]

StartupCity – Preventing destructive conflict on your board

  Read Geoff’s article here

Week 2 – Building a startup culture to last

The new Australian Government has been hit by a wall of economic issues, centred on surging cost of living, before all the ballots were counted. Although it is important that it navigates those, preferably without adding to the post-pandemic government debt burden, we should be helping them consider what needs to be in place to […]

Week 1 – Survival Mode

 Small businesses have taken the brunt of the pandemic – retail and hospitality especially. But in adversity has thrived a cohort of plucky entrepreneurs who have either pivoted with innovative ideas (zoom wine tasting or pottery classes anyone?) or whose ideas found their moment (Mr Yum’s restaurant ordering QR codes) in pandemic lockdowns.   However, […]

Venture wins under Labor Government

Stoic VC are looking forward to reforms promised by the incoming Labor Government.The Labor party’s trade union rather than pro-business background has meant they have not traditionally been thought of as a positive for the venture capital sector. However Labor have promised reforms that should benefit venture capital firms and the start-ups they invest in.The Labor Party […]

Sydney motorcycle technology business Forcite raises $5.5 million

Sydney-based motorcycle technology startup Forcite has announced today it has raised $5.5 million, with plans to use the capital injection to grow its global footprint. The majority of funds came from a $4.2 million Series A led by Uniseed, but were also complemented by a crowdfunding campaign which has raised $920,000 through Equitise. The combined cash […]

3 ways universities can improve their chances of commercialising research

Universities should consider adapting their business model to improve their prospects of commercialising research, a university-focused venture fund says. Stoic Venture Capital Partner Geoff Waring said there are a few initiatives universities could undertake to further improve their chances of attracting investors to commercialise their research. Focus on the applied sciences and embody the science […]

PERKii’s gut instinct: Delivering REAL priobiotic goodness to your gut

PERKii is an Australian leader when it comes to health and wellbeing. Stemming from a University of Queensland discovery, PERKii utilises micro-shield technology for improved probiotic efficacy. Unlike many probiotic formulas, PERKii’s targeted release probiotics are protected and nourished to survive the journey through the stomach and into the gut. A constant innovator, CEO Anthony […]

PERKii ranked 18 in the Smart50 Awards 2021

The Awards Since its very beginning, back in 2007, the Smart50 Awards have recognised and celebrated the fastest growing SMEs in Australia and we’re excited to bring the awards back this year. Each year, the Smart50 finalists represent the very best of Australian business. They are the innovators and the job creators, the hard-working community […]