Stoic Venture Capital is excited to announce the promotion of Harikesh Pushpapathan to Partner

General Partner and co-founder Guy Hedley said ‘the cornerstone of Stoic Venture Capital’ is life sciences. Over the past two years Harikesh has used his scientific academic background to support our important mission of funding research and innovation that will extend and enhance human life and the world we live in.

‘Harikesh has become an important bridge between our investees and the process of raising funds to commercialise their research. The Stoic partners and I are very happy to recognise his contribution and to have him be part of Stoic’s long term future.’

Harikesh said ‘I am pleased to make this next step. Over the last two years I have been able to bring both my scientific and financial training into the real world. I have a particular interest in neurotechnology and it has been rewarding to use that to support our investees to tackle some of the worst diseases and disorders facing human health.

‘Stoic and its investment partners are a unique part of the ecosystem. We support the scientists and inventors to navigate a key hurdle – financing risk. We respect the science but understand the commercial risk/return trade-off. The research and regulatory journey to market is long and complex, funding it requires specialist knowledge and skillsets across all stages.

‘I look forward to being part of building Stoic’s future and helping drive transformative breakthroughs in science and health.


About Stoic Venture Capital

Stoic Venture Capital is a life sciences and deep tech fund specialising in university-led start ups. Its strategy is to focus on ‘Longevity and Legacy’ – funding innovation and research that extends and enhances human life and the world we live in, today and for the generations to come.

Stoic works in partnership with Uniseed, the venture capital arm of a significant group of Australian universities including, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Newcastle University, UTS, UWS, and Macquarie University. The CSIRO is also involved. This collaboration gives Stoic an effective access point to proprietary research and to a large specialist due diligence team