Kinoxis Therapeutics lands $A273m partnership and licensing arrangement with Boehringer Ingelheim

A very special day for portfolio company Kinoxis Therapeutics Pty Ltd as they cut a $A273m licensing deal with Boehringer Ingelheim to continue developing their first-in-class oxytocin targeting small molecules.

Founders Michael BowenHugh Alsop had a vision of transforming the quality of life for people living with a range of neuropsychiatric disorders. This deal, gets them one step closer.

We’ve been privileged to support the entire team at Kinoxis since 2018 and watch them hit milestone after milestone.

Truly another reminder of the potential for groundbreaking research, to yield groundbreaking outcomes for human health.

Congratulations to the team, Uniseed and the University of Sydney!

Mental health conditions are major global health burden, affecting 1 in every 8 people1 with an economic
impact larger than cancer and cardiovascular disease combined. Social dysfunction is a major symptom of
many neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, depression, and dementia. It can manifest in
various ways, including social withdrawal, communication difficulties, inappropriate or abnormal behaviour
during social interactions, difficulty forming or maintaining relationships, aggressive behaviour, and
difficulty recognising, understanding, or responding appropriately to emotions in others. Social dysfunction
may severely impact the lives of the affected people, their careers, and their families, while also placing a
major burden on society.

Despite the high prevalence of social dysfunction and the impact, there are currently no specific pharmacological treatments. Starting with Kinoxis’ proprietary oxytocin receptor targeting molecules, the partners will work on a small molecule precision psychiatry approach to address this challenge.

“We are extremely pleased to have entered into this collaborative agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim to
accelerate the development of our unique oxytocin receptor targeting compounds,” said Hugh Alsop, CEO
of Kinoxis Therapeutics. “This collaborative effort will enable development of these molecules to address
the significant unmet needs of individuals living with mental health conditions.”

“Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to developing novel therapeutics to address the major unmet needs of
people living with mental health disorders. The potential of the collaboration with Kinoxis to develop
approaches that precisely manipulate oxytocin pharmacology is extremely exciting,” said Hugh Marston,
Global Head CNS Discovery Research at Boehringer Ingelheim.

Oxytocin is an endogenous neuropeptide playing a critical role in the regulation of social behavior. Through
this partnership, Kinoxis and Boehringer Ingelheim aim to unlock the therapeutic potential of targeting the
brain oxytocin system to treat disrupted social behavior, which is also a barrier to engagement with
psychosocial interventions that can be critical to help people living with chronic and complex mental health

Under the terms of the agreement, Kinoxis will receive an upfront payment and research support
payments. The company is eligible for research, preclinical, clinical, regulatory, and commercial milestones
of up to US$181 million (AU$266m), in addition to royalties on future Boehringer Ingelheim product sales.

Kinoxis Therapeutics Official Release