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A primer on building Neurotech — part 1

A primer on building Neurotech — part 1 The thesis for Neurotech is that by interfacing directly with the nervous system, we can more accurately map the pathophysiology of various neurological & psychiatric disorders. Not just at discrete points in time, but continuously. Biology-driven conditions like Major Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia and Alzheimers should be measurable and conservable. i.e […]

Our Investment in Lenexa

We’re pleased to be leading Lenexa’s pre-series A, a team bridging geriatric care with the future of preventive medicine. Co-founders Will Yang + Ajit Ravindran The burden of immobility. Our rapidly ageing population and stagnating labor growth is creating a nightmare for public health. With already heightened disease burden, nurses and caregivers have been forced […]

Founders guide to Stoicism.

In order to send the ‘right’ signals to founders, VCs tend to lean into the what (historical success, team and network) and how (process, founder support) of their value proposition. But I believe the most overlooked signal is found in the why ; the philosophy. Marcus Aurelius As such, here is why Stoicism was and continues […]

Our Investment in Bioscout

Bioscout are on a mission to put farmers in the driving seat and we‘re excited to be backing the team in their AU $3m seed round alongside Artesian(GrainInnovate) and Uniseed. The Problem Critical crop loss from fungal disease has proved to be a systemic ordeal for farmers. Weather systems like La Niña, that have recently lashed […]