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How do founders keep getting funded?

Losing funding is one of the biggest fears of entrepreneurs. How do VC managers address founder fears in an optimal fashion so that founders stay ambitious and maintain their mental health? It takes many years to succeed, but bad news happens at many points. Investors only invest enough funds to reach the next value inflection point, […]

Venture Capital under-invests in socially valuable university research commercialisation

Steve Baxter claimed the Australian Government’s recent $2 billion university research commercialisation package was giving more “lolly” to university “passion projects”. Our Managing Partner, Geoff Waring explains why this view is misplaced. A tiny share of venture capital goes to the most socially valuable, science-based, university research commercialisation. According to the Australian Investment Council’s 2021 […]

3 ways universities can improve their chances of commercialising research

Stoic Venture Capital, Partner Geoff Waring Universities should consider adapting their business model to improve their prospects of commercialising research, a university-focused venture fund says. Stoic Venture Capital Partner Geoff Waring said there are a few initiatives universities could undertake to further improve their chances of attracting investors to commercialise their research. Focus on the applied sciences […]

How your child’s future job depends on the way you invest

Stoic VC Partner, Geoff Waring Where you invest your savings affects the type of jobs available to your children in the future. Most people choose to invest in the property, large cap equity or bond markets with the belief that they present more secure income and growth prospects. What many people don’t realise is that investing in […]